Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2021

If you want to live comfortably in the country, you might want to start planning your future by learning about the highest-paying jobs. Well, worry no more. Having a secured job is everyone’s dream. However, finding the right job according to your qualifications can be a task. Sometimes, we are unaware of the high-paying jobs we can get according to our qualifications. We will present the top 10 Philippines’s highest paying jobs according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Bureau of Local Employment.

  1. Aircraft

Their specific job is air transport. It is the top 1 in highest-paying posts in the Philippines with a salary of P156, 823.

Courses Required: BS Aircraft, BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology, BS Air Transportation, BS Aeronautical Engineering, BS Aeronautics

  1. Securities and Finance Dealers and Brokers

The role of these professionals is researching the current market, government regulations, securities, and the clients’ current status. It is also their job to make a deal of selling properties. Their average salary is P89, 831.

Courses Required: BS Business Administration, BS Management, BS Finance

  1. Civil Engineers

These professionals are planning and designing building constructions. They are also the ones responsible for building maintenance, including irrigation, infrastructure, railways, and more. Their average salary starts from P68, 957.

Courses Required: BS Civil Engineering

4. Actuaries

They analyze the financial consequences of risk by using economic theory, statistics, and mathematics. Actuaries help in insurance and pension programs. The average salary starts from P60, 477.

Courses Required: BS Mathematics, BS Accountancy

  1. Computer Programmers

The salary starts at P52, 331. They write and test code to see if a computer application is working or not. Other things included in their job are troubleshooting and code translation.

Courses Required: BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science

  1. System Analysts and Designers

The salary starts at P51, 069. Their job is to analyze and design techniques for solving business issues. That also includes creating systems and teaching it to others. It is possible by using information technology.

Courses Required: BS Information Technology, BS Computer Science

  1. Computer Engineers

The salary starts at P49, 335. They are responsible for processors, circuit boards, networks, memory devices, and other computer components.

Courses Required: BS Computer Engineering

  1. Accountants and Auditors

The salary starts at P47, 756. They examine the businesses’ financial records, including the taxes, and financial overview. It is their job to let the business run efficiently.

Courses Required: BS Management Accounting, BS Accountancy

  1. Production Supervisor and Foremen

The salary starts at P47, 101. They are responsible for company policies and guidelines. Moreover, they recruit, hire, and train employees to follow the company’s goal and vision.

Courses Required: BS Industrial Engineering

  1. Statisticians

Their salary starts at P41,480. The tasks involved are professionals for preparing and analyzing the statistics. For example, they compute or estimate the budget for material and labor costs. They are the ones responsible for statistical and actuarial data.

Course Required: BS Statistics and Mathematics

If you are having a problem choosing the right course, this article might help you. You can use these statistics to see what will work best for you.

Disclaimer: The salary depends on the company, skills, and proficiency. But you can base the standard wage to know if you are getting paid for the job you are doing.