4 Ways You Can Earn Money From Home

Online work is the new normal. Do you want to know how you can earn money from the comfort of your own home? Then you are reading the right post! In this article, I am going to share with you real websites where you can earn real cash!

Ready? Let’s start with:

51 Talk

51 Talk is a home-based online English-tutorial platform based in China. Since Filipinos are known for being proficient in Eglish, 51 talk deliberately invites Filipinos to apply. If you are considering applying, just sign up on their website, fill up the application form, and you will be scheduled for an interview.

I suggest that you clear out your schedule and accomplish all requirements so you can start rolling the ball. In fact, your application process can finish as early as 3 days!

If you’re wondering what these “requirements” are, please visit their website so you can see the full list. Some of the requirements include a bachelor’s degree, a valid diploma, a laptop/desktop, etc.


Unlike 51 Talk, 199jobs is a Philippine-based online freelancing platform founded in 2012. It’s called 199jobs because you offer your services that clients can buy for 199 pesos. For example “Transcribe 10min audio for 199pesos”.

Here you have a wider work range you can choose from, including writing & editing, website work, design, audio, and video, etc. Anyone can apply for work in 199jobs. All you need is to sign up, make your profile, present your skills, then send clients messages to tell them that you are interested to work for them.

There is a section called “To-Dos” where clients post what they need. In each post, there is a “Send Offer” button where you can message the client directly and offer your services.

The longer you work in 199jobs ann the more you gather positive feedback, the more job offers you will have.


199jobs is actually patterned after Fiverr – a freelancing US-based platform that is used by companies worldwide. Hence, because of the wide market, there is also a wider range of services you can offer. All the way form writing, to dropshipping, to logo design, to modeling…there are a lot of options!

The key in Fiverr is to make your profile as professional-looking as you can. Organize your portfolio (sample works) in a way that will capture trust and attention. Anyone can give it a try!


Upwork is a global freelance website where you can post jobs and price your jobs as you wish. In this platform, you have to know how to bid on projects – meaning clients tend to choose the most affordable offer but not too low as to have a poor output.

If you’re asking me what type of jobs you can post, there are literally hundreds of skills needed in Upwork. So why not give it a try?

By the way, unlike Fiverr and 199jobs, you can join a team or agency so you can get more jobs. However, this may mean that you are not as free to choose which client you want to work with, and when you want to work.

So these are the Top 4 websites you can try out. Tell me which site you tried out and which you like best in the comment section below. Feel free to share your journey with us!