The Top Five Call Center Companies in the Philippines

It is no doubt that the Philippines has been one of the favorite spots of BPO companies. Well, aside from the fact that they like the Filipino provides service to their clients due to their English proficiency, they also enjoy the liberty of paying average salary as compared to how much they are will build their companies to their own countries like the United States, Canada, and all other foreign countries. What is it for us, then? Well, the right thing, in general, is that it boosts our economy. On a more personal note, it offers thousands of job opportunities for many Filipino. Thus, the call center’s world has been trendy and “in” job for the past years now.

If you have come across this article, it means that either you are doing research about call center companies in the country or you are into some call center application journey. Whatever your reason, maybe, I can assure you that this write-up will be helpful for you. In this article, I will share the top five call center companies in the country with you.


Accenture has been in the country for many years now. It is known for being one of the best and largest IT companies in the country. Though it may be an IT company, it accommodates almost all skilled workers out there. The services and technical solutions that they offer cover a vast array of concerns and areas. More so, it has both voice and nonvoice departments, making it easier for those who are choosing between the two. But why work for Accenture? They treat employees as their assets – therefore, they look after the welfare of their employees. They give a competitive salary, complete healthcare system, government benefits, and all other perks and privileges. So, what more can you ask for?

Convergys Philippines Services Corporation

Convergys has made an expansion across the archipelago with more than thirty branches of offices across the Philippines. Some of their destinations, aside from Manila, include Cebu, Clark, and Davao. Hence, they can provide tons of job opportunities from many Filipinos in the different regions of the country. Convergys offers an excellent salary (higher than the others in comparison), a comprehensive healthcare system, full government benefits, and top of the line perks and privileges once regularized. The primary focus of the company is boosting its workers’ personal as well as professional growth.

Sitel Philippines Corporation

Sitel has a total of 12 branches in the country and has a total of about eighteen thousand employees. The target markets of the company include Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the USA. They offer varied services such as sales, collections, back-office processing, technical support, lead generation, and many more. The prime and prestige given to the company in the world of the BPO industry had put it in the pedestal – making it one of the target companies of call center aspirants. They have a competitive salary, continuous career development, generous benefits, night differentials, and non-taxable allowance. More than these, the employees are also given incentives and other perks and privileges.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of the top companies out there and perhaps one of the oldest BPO companies to begin in the country is the JPMorgan Chase & Co. They provide excellent services for banking and credit services in different countries. Personally speaking, I see this call center company as one of the prime and exclusive companies out there. Though hiring may be a bit stringent since they are looking for the top caliber workers, I can assure you that application once hired will be so worth it. They give high salary rates, sevearal

benefits, incentives, health, and life insurances extended to dependents and a very enticing retirement plan.

Deutsche Knowledge Services Ptd. Ltd.

The Deutsche Knowledge Services Ptd. Ltd. is also one of the top call center companies in the Philippines. They provide performance bonuses, skill-building training, and a set of health and government benefits. The working environment is based on teamwork, making one’s working career a team-driven one, and boosting one’s socialization skills. Though the name of the company may not be as famous as the other call center companies in this list, I can assure you that it is worth the shot.

There you have it! Now, all you have to do is figure out which one you will try to apply to, and you are good to go. Just remember that being in this field of work takes a lot of time, patience, and sweat. But at the end of it, you will see yourself growing personally and professionally while making a decent amount of take-home salary. Good luck!