Tips to Ace That Online Interview

In my recent blog posts, we discussed how you can earn a LOT of money online. Now, we’ll go a little further and discuss how you can ace your online interview if you’re applying for online jobs. Or for any job for that matter. In this “new normal” times, it’s not unusual for companies to switch from face-face interview to online interviews.

So, are you ready to ace it? C’mon! I’ll walk you through it.

1.) All Systems Check

This right here is very important because nothing can destroy an interview more than a bad connection.

● Is your internet connection good? If not, maybe you need to update your modem?

● Check your computer, is it running well? Does it crash/lag?

● Have you updated your video-call software to the latest version? Whether it be Skype, Zoom, Messenger, you have to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

● How about your headphones/mic-earphones? Record yourself using these gadgets and see if your voice comes out crystal clear.

If these vital systems are in place, then you’re ready to proceed!

2.) What spot?

Now that you’re equipment is working well, the next decision you have to make is where you should position yourself.

● Are you near your internet connection? The farther you are from your internet connection, the slower your internet speed.

● Check your background, is it messy? Too loud and distracting? Choose a background that is no too plain, and not too clattered. As long as the interview can focus on you without being distracted by the moving fan near you, then you’re good.

● Are you using light to your advantage? If your window is behind you, then the interviewer might find it hard to look at you because of too much glare. I suggest that you position yourself in front of the window so your features can be clearly seen.

3.) Self-preparation is Key

Equipment? Check. Good spot? Check. How about you? Are you prepared?

● Depending on the nature of your interview, perhaps it’s a good idea to have some answers ready in your mind. Remember to keep it as honest as possible. Don’t try to overcomplicate things to make you sound flowery. Remain simple and straight to the point.

● Check your face in the mirror. Are you clean-shaven? Maybe your hair needs some grooming? Minimal make-up is a good idea!

● Is your attire ready? Choose clothing that says “Professional. I mean business.” And even though only your upper half can be soon, I suggest you dress up from top to bottom. Why? Because it helps boosts your confidence. Besides, what if you were forced to stand because of some unforeseen circumstances? It’s better to be ready!

4.) Don’t forget your manners

That’s it for some preparation. How about the actual interview? My simple tip is, remember your manners

● Speak politely. If you feel the interviewer is being too obtrusive, then gently bring the conversation back to professional grounds. Remember to ALWAYS keep your cool. No matter what happens!

● Maintain eye contact. Even if it’s not a personal interview and there’s a screen between you and your interviewer, it still works best to keep eye contact. It shows that you are focused and engaged.

● Relax. You may or may not be approved. Just remember that this is good practice for you. No matter the decision, this experience right here will help catapult you to bigger opportunities.

Those are some tips to help you ace that online interview! How did your interview go? Share your experiences in the comments’ section!