10 Trusted and Reliable POEA-Approved Agencies for OFWs in the Philippines

Nowadays, job seekers are spreading their arms to grab all the opportunities to find applicable works that are compatible with their abilities and skills. Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs are all around the world to save money for their loved ones in the Philippines and before having a good life, they need to take a bridge in the process of success, it is to find a job overseas.

You cannot quickly determine if an agency is a legitimate agency. Therefore, you may have a hard time looking for companies if you are planning to find a job outside the border of the country. To help you get out of that situation, here are the top trusted and reliable agencies that you can lean on during your search for the proper job that suits you.


Asticom Technology Inc. Was established under Ayala conglomerate and one of the Philippine-based shared service companies around the country. It offers superior customer experience through high-quality services that meet their clients’ needs. This company provides nationwide services to a multitude of industries, including telecommunications, fintech, information technology, retail, health, logistics, automotive, banking, and real estate, that many people can take as their jobs.

The main goal of Asticom Technology Inc. is to serve as a bridge to people and the business industry with the right teams on their side.

Asticom Technology Incorporated office is located on the 4th floor of the Globe Telecom Plaza in Mandaluyong City. According to the information gathered, the LS and TL of the company are excellent, and even the reliability of the information, trust, and care of its employees and innovative HRIS procedures can benefit the employees. However, there are some challenges that you might consider, like having low quality of benefits, no increase in salary for the employees, and less opportunity for the employee’s career/professional growth.


Euroasia Philippines Inc. was established in 1986 and became a well-known service provider globally in terms of recruiting workforce for different industries such as construction, service management, mining, hospitality, and retail. This company offers quality and flexible services and custom-tailored packages suitable for the company’s needs. They also provide solutions for recruitment, administrative services, and even personal concerns.

No placement fee policy is applied in EPI, and therefore it has sterling track records, and the relationship with its workers, clients, and government authorities can be considered excellent.

To meet the clients’ expectations, EPI is carefully selecting the recruited individuals based on their expertise and various core disciplines. There are cases that most of the engagements come from the same clients because the company provides services that are unparalleled in the specific industry.

The good thing about EPI is that it provides vast experience and delivers orientation to the people; however, to have quality services, you need to consider the pressure and challenges that you might encounter.


Ikon Solutions is a company that recruits workers from the Philippines that are skilled in the jobs related to hospitality, medicine, construction, oil and gas, and other service industries needing manpower. Ikon also has a highly specialized division, and it searches multiple senior positions in the Philippines’ country. However, they are also recruiting in other continents to have a good quality of employees suitable for the jobs that they offer.

In this company, you can have valuable experience as a recruiter and as a worker. Still, the disadvantage in this is that the benefits are below the workers’ expectations, and the salary should be improved and have equality with the other nationality working in the same field and company.


After establishing this company in 2002, it is already known for operating business on the field of sending overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) abroad that soon became a duly accredited recruitment agency with license no—233 lb 072216-r issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA.

This company continuously develops the professionalism and skills of the employees that they have been deploying for years in different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. As a result of providing quality manpower services, International Manpower Services, Inc. received the award of being the top performer agency in 2005 by the POEA. It was declared as an “Incorporated” on July 28, 2016.

In every agency, you can experience unwanted inconvenience. In this company, some say that they are having a problem in finding the right employer and creating a good and friendly relationship with their superiors and co-workers, however, despite having these challenges, the company received a 4-star rating in jobstreet.com.


Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc was established on October 27, 1999, with only five stockholders and some dedicated staff. The boards’ experiences resulted in the sterling performance of the company becoming one of the country’s top agencies that perform very well in deploying Filipino workers overseas.

After the years of improving the small casket of the organization, Jedegal is now experiencing its growth with more than 20 employees in the principal office of the agency. Jedegal has established itself a name that holds a trusted and dependable source of competent, highly skilled, and world-class professionals for different industries.

After the hardships and persistence of Jedegal, it is now known as one of the most efficient and reliable providers of Filipino medical workers in the most prestigious hospitals in Singapore. Aside from that, Jedegal is already deploying an experienced pool of skilled, competitive, and dedicated professionals from the Philippines to different countries. Some workers are having problems in the working hours without receiving proper compensation. Although, by learning through experiences and good services, you can enjoy entering the company.


Are you finding a recruitment agency for IT, engineering, and executive partner? J-K Network Services is one of the providers of career opportunities in the Philippines. It offers a high quality of services with the help of global and international business partners from different industries like software companies, construction, hotels, airlines, banks, health services, and others. You can choose different careers to pursue, based on the skills and preferences of the employees. J-K Network Services will assist you throughout your employment application, and once you are hired, it will be between you and the client. Initial interviews can be conducted through phone calls regarding the new openings, salary, and the job that you want to apply.

The managers consider their employees in such aspects, and they provide aid and assistance during hard times. Human Resource Team is commendable for their support and help in following the rules and making arrangements. This company utilizes hard work, and the effort you will give in will pay off.


Established in 1948, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation is one of the world’s leading human resource companies that provide a skilled workforce and human resource solutions for the shipping and cruise industries that soon expanded the services that it offers like a hotel, healthcare, oil and gas, and even trade industries.

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation has a POEA license of POEA-031-sb-010310-are. Being one with the MMC, you can learn different tasks, languages, and it can help you grow in the industry you are in. It also provides a good salary to the workers, free tickets, great camaraderie of the company, and helping those who need help. The agents are very accommodating, and they are commonly ready to answer queries from clients and workers. The challenges that you might experience are minimal, but sometimes, getting back to work is quite extended. The rough sea condition may also be one of the problems that you might encounter during your working hours.


MPI International Manpower Services was established in September 1994, and it focuses on hiring and deploying qualified Filipino workers for land-based jobs. This agency is embarked on an extensive program to source the Filipino workforce for its authorized foreign principals while also developing cooperation with other licensed recruitment agencies.

After the company’s overwhelming achievements, this became a member of the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines or OPAP, an association of licensed agencies in November 1994. A year later, the result of the agency’s consistency in recruiting performance received accreditation from the Council of Labor Affairs in Taiwan as the lead agent for the Taiwan Market. And because of that, it served as a manpower-providing company in Taiwan that deploys and recruits Taiwan-based employers.

Recognizing its continuous exemplary efforts in recruiting employers, it received various awards from the POEA and soon became one of the Top 15 performers among the recruitment agencies. Through the decade of its existence, it maintains the competency and commitment support of the staff in the recruitment process and services. They are also responsive to the specifications of extensive foreign networks and other connections abroad.


Another POEA-licensed workforce and recruitment agency is PNI International Corporation that was established to cater to international clients and Filipino workers abroad. It started by building an excellent workforce for a railway project in the UK in 1999. Established satellite offices of PNI International can be found in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Dubai to maximize the growth of the company’s services.

Recognizing the company’s achievements, it became one of the top recruitment firms in the Philippines that deployed numerous Overseas Filipino Workers. It is proven that this company holds a trusted name in the recruitment and placement of employees around the world. PNI International also composed of competent and loyal staff that contributed to gaining and building competitive advantages in the company. Additionally, it creates a good relationship through a personal approach to the clients and other involved individuals.


United Global Manpower Resources, Inc. is a fast expanding recruitment agency for aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW established in the year 2001. This agency provides great complete recruitment solutions, sourcing, and supplying quality workers in the field of different industries. It usually supplies employees in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. It also reaches the part of Russia and Kazakhstan. As a result of delivering exceptional services internationally, it rises on the top list of the leading recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

In 2009, the expertise and experiences in contacting and placement of the candidates, including the employers growing demands for its workforce sourcing was recognized and soon established a new branch in Pangasinan. Together with the new technology, they successfully linked the job seekers and employers to consider further the convenience in recruiting for the jobs available. Due to the active participation of the company in job fairs nationwide, it incredibly leads to its full expansion and growth in the recruitment industry. The leverage of the Internet and information technology enables excellence, comprehension, and fast and efficient services to deliver to all the clients. The company’s outstanding performance was recognized after receiving numerous awards from various public and private organizations.

The information above will help you determine the right agency that you want to give support to your job application. This will make you more aware and safe in planning to work abroad. To have a successful departure, you need to consider many things before going through and accepting job offerings. Look for a trusted and legitimate company or agency to accompany you to your goal. Keep safe and good luck.