The Human Resources Department of LivingHope Hospital – Maasin, Leyte

The Human Resources Department of LivingHope Hospital are the unsung heroes in healthcare, mostly because their jobs directly impact the lives of patients whom they rarely ever meet. They work closely with healthcare professionals to design programs and solutions that consider the needs of both employees and patients. It’s an important work that’s rewarding in a number of ways.
They play a critical role in ensuring high-quality healthcare for patients. They perform important tasks such as hiring and recruiting, onboarding new hires, selecting benefits and compensation, managing personnel, troubleshooting claims and addressing the comments and suggestions of our patients and their significant others. These individuals make sure employees follow policies and procedures, so monitoring the performance of staff and the institution as a whole is integral to what human resource department do.
The prime objective of the Medical Records Unit of the hospital is the provision of patient Medical Records in a timely manner to different hospital units in order to assist clinicians, allied health professionals and other hospital staff in the provision of quality care to patients.
In addition, they are responsible for maintaining medical records in a standardized and professional manner in order to protect patient confidentiality while allowing adequate access to providers in order to promote quality patient care.
Therefore, they become an essential department in every hospital, which provides multiple services not only to the patients but also to running a hospital efficiently and plays a key role in health promotion and patient care quality.
The Information Area is one of the unit of the hospital which directly interacts with the patients when they first arrive. The staffs of this department are very visible to the patients or their family members. It functions as a central point of contact across the organization.