Remote Writing FAQ

Breaking into industry can be a hard task, but entry level writing jobs are a fantastic way to get started on your journey, and despite what you might think, you CAN make money from these positions! The demand for skilled writers is needed now more than ever as employers need captivating and genuine content in the modern day of AI writing.Naturally knowing about this isn’t much help unless you know how you can fill the gap. That’s how this FAQ can help you get started!

Do I need to have any academic and professional qualifications to start?

In brief, no, qualifications are NOT strictly necessary, they can be very helpful and required for fields that use technical vocabulary and need broader context knowledge for their writing. However, having good writing practices and experience is what is key in starting.

Remote Writing FAQ1

How much do entry level writing jobs pay?

As writing jobs can vary differently based on where the are, so does their corresponding pay.
Media outlets such as newspapers, blogs, and magazines often pay by the word, and may set a length for the article commissioned of you and often those rates can be found on Glassdoor or similar sites.
Otherwise, with businesses for their professional publications or online sites, negotiable project rates can be given. In this case, you are most likely to be paid by the hour and as such you should be able to give an estimate how many work hours their demand would take.
In general, have a good idea of what you can do in what kind of time period so you can find work that suits your needs and so you can be more valuable to your client.

Where do I find entry level writing jobs

Utilize Job Boards: Most professional businesses, even big media companies such as FOX or Buzzfeed look for freelance writers on sites such as Indeed, MediaBistro, ProBlogger or just plain old linkedin, and you will find postings by them quite often as well.

Use Commision Websites: sites such as Freelancer, Upwork, or Flexjobs can be great places to get started with your first few commissions, enough so that you build a portfolio of reputable work and satisfied clients to give you the initial boost you need!

Remote Writing FAQ2

Work with Marketing Agencies: Marketing Agencies can simplify the process quite a lot, they find you clients, handle all communication with them, and give you concrete demands and instructions. This is a great option for you if you feel insecure and don’t like reaching out to potential clients.

Network with Other Freelance Writers: Most freelance writers do find their next job because of their previous one or from a recommendation from a fellow writer, as such finding groups, local or global can be a good way to get opportunities to connect and find out specific advice/reccomendations.

How do I stand out from others?

Regardless of how you’re finding your clients, it does help to stand out and look capable and professional. If you’re writing for online media, knowing how to do search engine optimisation (SEO) as part of your profile shows that you know what you’re doing. Or you could showcase examples, having a writing portfolio linked to your social media or on its own website shows your clients what you’re best at and if you match their vision. And finally, do research your clients, knowing what they do and why they do it can help you stand out in your email correspondence or interviews as a professional who can give good representation for their business.