How to Make a Work Portfolio Fit for Teleworking

For any aspiring online worker or any individual who already works online, creating a comprehensive portfolio is a great way to wow potential employers and develop a career. These portfolios showcase your talents to hiring teams and if created properly they give you an edge over the competition.

As a matter of fact, a portfolio provides a platform to showcase your best work and they come in handy when seeking better-paying jobs online. In this regard let’s explore unique tips to help you tailor a unique remote job portfolio.

Select where to put your Online Portfolio (Home)

With the advancement of technology, there are a myriad of ways to showcase your portfolio. However, it all falls under two broad categories—traditional or modern techniques. The former method involves creating portfolios and sending them directly to potential clients.

In the modern technique, there is a myriad of ways to reach potential employers online. For people in a specific field, going for portfolio sites where you can showcase snippets of your work or curated clippings is a great plus. Some of these sites include but are not limited to:

  • Come in handy for editors, copywriters, and more
  • CodePen- Best for developers and front-end designers
  • Muck Rack- Crucial for journalists
  • LinkedIn Profiles…and more

If you’re looking for cheaper options, personal websites come in handy. Sites like WordPress, and Wix just to mention a few, help you host personal portfolios and allow you to showcase more than code or a smattering of clippings. Personal websites are more advantageous as they allow you to give more intel about yourself.

How to make a Work Portfolio fit for Teleworking3

Don’t Forget to Focus on your Branding and Goals

Sometimes when you’re selling yourself online, especially to perfect strangers, it might feel kind of awkward. But one thing you should keep in mind, you must be able to pass information about yourself. To mitigate the awkwardness when pitching, consider yourself a brand.

Tailor unique takeaways that you need your potential clients to know about you. Reflect your personality in ways that make you stand out. You can do so by customising unique color palettes that better describe your personality through your online portfolio.

Employ Well-Mapped Out Navigation

Organized and user-friendly online portfolios are precursors for attracting visitors and making them stick on your page. That’s why you should always organize your information on your page to make sure you disburse as much information by a simple hover of the cursor. For instance, you may categorize your information into pages like about me, achievements, resumes, and contact pages just to mention a few.

Showcase your Best Work on Visually-Appealing Portfolio

Your best work should be what sells you on your portfolios. That’s why you should ensure that every potential client who visits your site can be able to view every piece of your best work. Project expectations they should prepare for when they hire you.

When creating your portfolios ensure that you showcase your achievements in the order of the things that you’re proudest of—they should be on the forefront. Always remember most visitors’ attention spans don’t last for long, and you may want them to see the most captivating achievements that will sell you better as early as possible. More importantly, some of the impressive things you’ve done may need extra information. In such cases, explain with one or two sentences and then add a link to a separate page.

Adding a Couple of Pics Goes a Long Way

Potential employers, especially those recruiting online want to see an image of a person that they are planning to work with. A well-taken picture with a smiley face serves a great deal to show potential clients that they will be working with a friendly individual. More importantly, don’t forget to add images of yourself working and volunteering to give your portfolio a human touch.

How to make a Work Portfolio fit for Teleworking2

Showcase your Social Prowess

Don’t be the kind of person whose portfolio is backed by reviews and testimonials from only friends and family members. Make sure you include recommendations from specific industry leaders that you’ve worked with in the past.

Include testimonials from your former clients, managers, teachers, and people you’ve worked with in the recent past. This will bolster recruitment officers’ confidence in you as they find people with a wider social network more credible.

Keep your Portfolio Current

Creating a credible online portfolio is not a one-time thing. Remember things in life are dynamic and so is your portfolio. Always keep updating your portfolio introducing any new achievements or information that potential employers need to know about you. To avoid forgetting, schedule a specific date every month to update your portfolio and always keep it evergreen.

By following these exclusive tips, you stand to create an online portfolio that will wow potential employers.